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A successful old timer abdicates from the throne


Atlas Copco launches COP 1638, a new 16 kW hydraulic rock drill to succeed the 12 kW COP 1238 for face drilling, rock bolting and underground long hole production drilling. It will successively replace its predecessor as the first choice alternative on the drill rigs Boomer 104, 281, 282, M2D and L2D. Using R 32 and R 38/ T38 drill string systems a hole diameter range of 33 to 76 mm is covered. COP 1638 is suitable for repowering of rigs furnished with COP 1238 ME or a similar rock drill.

COP 1238 was introduced in 1983 and has gained exceptional acceptance for high performance and reliability by underground mining and tunnelling customers around the world. More than 6000 units have left the factory in Sweden. Extensive field testing of COP 1638 started a year ago in Australian, Canadian and Polish mines. Tests where COP 1238 ME has been replaced by COP 1638 shows that COP 1638 provides at least 20 % longer shank adapter life and an increase in penetration rate. The magnitude of improvement depends mainly on prevailing geological conditions. This has been accomplished by incorporating some essential technical features from the COP 1800 series into the new rock drill, such as;

The hydraulic double damper ensures that better contact is maintained between the bit and the rock. Percussive shock wave reflexes are better absorbed resulting in less stress on rock drill, feed and the boom system as the penetration rate increases.

All vital housing parts contact surfaces are connected to the lubrication air preventing ingress of moist and dirt into the rock drill, which leads to longer service life.

The impact frequency has been raised from 50 to 60 Hz

For drilling in exceptionally corrosive environment a special front head is available as an optional feature.

COP 1638 will be on first time display at MINExpo trade show in Las Vegas (September 27-30)

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COP 1638

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