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COP 1132 - A small, fast Rock Drill with the latest Technology


New COP 1132 rock drill from Atlas Copco is a high speed trendsetter!

Atlas Copco’s new COP 1132 rock drill represents the latest trend in high speed technology in small class equipment offering users 30 % more speed than its predecessors, the COP 1028 and COP 1032.

The new COP 1132 rock drill from Atlas Copco has several similarities with the well known 30 kW COP 3038. The high frequency technology and the double dampening system are all there. Actually, the COP 1132 is the smallest rock drill in the world with a hydraulic double damper – a feature that combines fast drilling with good drill steel economy.

The new COP 1132 operates in the same hole range as the earlier models COP 1028 and COP 1032, 33-51 mm, but is considerably faster – for instance 30 % compared to COP 1032.
With a maximum impact power of 11 kW, this is the most powerful rock drill in its class.

The appreciated Atlas Copco concept - with pressurized contact surfaces for long service life in underground environments is also incorporated into this new rock drill.

Easier on steel

In addition to the increased power and speed, the COP 1132 is also much easier on the drill steel. It does not strike the steel any harder than the 5,5 kW COP 1028 (110 J), but it strikes twice as frequent – hence the high power. By comparison, the COP 1032 at 7.5 kW is harder on the steel with an impact energy of 165 Joule per blow.

Another advantage is its size – all of 20 cm shorter than the COP 1032. This means longer rods and fewer changes or joints, which also contributes to productivity. The cutting angle is also smaller which gives better access in confined spaces and its weight is about 30 % less than COP 1032, only 75 kg in total.

COP 1132 can be left or right-hand mounted without moving the hoses and is available with male adapters for threads R28, SR28 and R32 as well as with R32 female shank adapter.

Picture caption: 204838
The new high speed rock drill COP 1132 from Atlas Copco. The fastest, most powerful small-size unit on the market in the 33-51 mm hole range.

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