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Новости / Новости о продуктах и услугах / TEX 10 pneumatic pick hammer from Atlas Copco - light, compact and with a surprisingly hard punch

TEX 10 pneumatic pick hammer from Atlas Copco - light, compact and with a surprisingly hard punch


The TEX 10 pick hammer is a light, compact, all-round pick hammer with a long piston stroke that runs on a relatively low frequency. Its slim design allows you to get in really close to walls and work where space is tight.

To get good productivity in hard materials with a tool this small is difficult. TEX 10’s combination of a long piston stroke, a relatively low blow frequency and a rather light and compact tool, makes it possible to work efficiently and quickly in concrete, hard brick and other hard materials.

The TEX 10 builds on a design from the Krupp line of pneumatic tools, earlier acquired by Atlas Copco. "With some changes made to its original design, we can now present a series of three pick hammers with much reduced noise levels and the same well-proven performance. We have a kick-latch version and a cap retainer version where you can choose between standard hexagonal shanks and a round 25 x 75 mm shank for special applications." says Jan Ohlson, product line manager at Atlas Copco Construction Tools AB in Sweden.

The noise level has been reduced to be well below the limits set by the European Noise Emission Directive (NED) for 2006.

Kick latch version
Cap version
10,7 kg (23,6 lbs)
10,2 kg (22,5 lbs)
500 mm (19 3/4 in)
520 mm (20 1/2 in)
Impact rate:
1350 bpm*
1350 bpm*
*at 6 bar (90 PSI) pressure

If you want a picture for printing, please download a high-resolution version from our electronic photo archive at They are easiest found by writing TEX 10 in the search field.

Jan Ohlson, product line manager, Atlas Copco Construction Tools AB, Sweden
E-mail:, phone: +46-8-743 96 00

Atlas Copco Construction Tools is a division within the Construction and Mining Technique business area. The company is a leading supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic and gasoline-powered breakers & drills, marketed under the Atlas Copco brand. Hydraulic and pneumatic breakers & drills are also marketed under the brands Chicago Pneumatic and Shenyang. With head-office in Stockholm and manufacturing units in Sweden, Germany, India and China the division employs about 1300 people. The products are sold through the Atlas Copco worldwide sales and service organization.