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Blast hole quality and productivity with ROC F9CR


Atlas Copco launches the ROC F9CR, equipped with the 2nd generation of COPROD® high production straight hole drilling system. This surface crawler drill is ideal for quarries and open pit mines requiring adaptability, speed, reliability and productivity – including the ability to tackle difficult geological formations. <BR>

Combination of good characteristics
COPROD® is suited for fast and straight drilling in challenging rock conditions. It combines the benefits of tophammer drilling and the accuracy of down-the-hole drilling. The unique combination of an impact rod and a drill tube in one single section makes up COPROD®. The impact rods are used to transmit feed force and impact energy while the outer tubes transmit rotation and flushing. Rapid bit changes compared to down-the-hole systems ensure that regrinding and frequent bit changing do not cause undue delays.

COPROD® better than ever
The 2nd Generation COPROD® offers reliability and long service life of the drill string components. The flushing is also improved, which reduces risk of bit plugging. The increased stiffness of the sections gives superior hole quality and hole straightness. Says Olivier Vandenabelle, Director of the Belgium drilling contractor DGO M3:
- With COPROD you can drill anywhere with no problem. There is not as much flushing air as with DTH, but it is enough. This is particularly important when drilling the front line holes in bad ground.

Money back on performance
ROC F9CR is capable of drilling to a depth of 30 metres, which accommodates the requirements of most quarries. It is equipped with the new powerful 25 kW COP 2550CR rock drill, featuring Atlas Copco´s unique double-dampening system which ensures long drillstring life and high penetration rates. Says Markku Teräsvasara, Vice President Marketing, Surface Drilling Equipment:
- We have developed the 2nd Generation COPROD® in close relationship with our customers. Although COPROD® is a substantial investment, you get your money back in performance. For example, nearly all users have increased the diameter of drill bits due to increased confidence in maintaining correct hole alignment. This means that they need fewer holes to blast the same amount of rock.

The rig gives more than enough power to drill straight and fast holes by the 224 kW (304 hp) diesel engine. An on-board Atlas Copco screw compressor, 210 l/s (445 cfm) at 12 bar (175 psi) provides excellent air flushing and ensures clean holes that are easy to charge. A double drill tube support with breakout table for improved guidance when collaring the hole, which lowers the drill and blast cost and optimises the drill pattern. ROC F9CR offers a safe and comfortable cabin – a basic requirement from a productive driller.

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ROC F9CR for quarries and open pit mines that need adaptability, speed, reliability and productivity – including the ability to tackle difficult formations.

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