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Underground Mining Equipment


This new publication from Atlas Copco, Underground Mining Equipment, describes the most recent technical trends in underground mining. The 232 pages booklet also shows what Atlas Copco can offer in terms of products and soft ware to enhance productivity and safety in various underground operations.

We trust says Hans Fernberg, M.Sc Mining Engineering, at Atlas Copco, that this publication as a complement to our previous booklet, Underground Mining Methods, issued in august 2003, will form an information package, that will assist in stimulating interchange between people having a particular interest in the underground mining business.
Special attention has been paid to the illustrations in order to make every article easy to read and digest.

Underground Mining Equipment, Atlas Copco Printed matter
no 9851 6298 01

Underground Mining Methods, Atlas Copco Printed Matter
no 9851 6289 01

Hans Fernberg, Senior Adviser Marketing Communications
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