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The Road to Hohhot


Atlas Copco is present around the world   – even in Inner Mongolia

The road to Hohhot can seem long at times. Running through the green, wide open plains and the soft, rolling hills of Inner Mongolia, there are only scattered signs pointing to the vast abundance of natural resources that the region has to offer. Carrying a load of coal, a truck may coast down the road now and then, and along the road visitors will notice some scattered farms or small mining facilities.
People traveling the region are then in for a surprise when they reach Hohhot, the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which is part of China. This is no longer the wild world that Dschingis Khan used to roam. This is a highly-developed industrial hub with a population of 700,000 and home to numerous big-hitters of international business.

Hohhot was also the destination for three custom-made high-pressure, integrally geared turbocompressors built by Atlas Copco’s Gas and Process Division and operating since 2005. 
The three GT-Series compressors were delivered to a petrochemical facility of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Tianye Chemical Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.; the company’s Hohhot division produces chemical fertilisers and other chemical products. 

The compressors are used in different applications in Hohhot: One machine, a natural gas centrifugal compressor, is being employed in an ammonia plant for fertilizer production, while the other two compressors (another natural gas centrifugal compressors and a combine centrifugal compressor) are used in the expansion of an existing methanol plant. 
The Atlas Copco teams in Beijing and Shanghai took the long road to Hohhot numerous times before winning the biggest single order that the Division had received until then. And it was also the largest-ever order from the vastly booming Far Eastern market. 
The Atlas Copco track record played a key role in convincing decision-makers in Hohhot. “Their references in the Asian market were very important for us in our decision to use the Atlas Copco machines,” said Gao Yongfang, Project Manager at the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Tianye Chemical Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. The advanced technology, the design concept, and the good reputation” were equally crucial,” he added. 

Подразделение Газовые и технологические компрессоры

Подразделение Газовые и технологические компрессоры входит в состав коммерческого сектора Производство компрессоров компании Atlas Copco. Подразделение занимается разработкой, производством и сбытом крупногабаритных и газовых технологических компрессоров и турбоэкспандеров, изготовленных по требованиям заказчика, а также их послепродажным обслуживанием. Данная продукция используется, главным образом, в нефтегазовой и химической/нефтехимической отраслях перерабатывающей и энергетической промышленности по всему миру, а также при промышленном получении газа способом воздушной сепарации. Штаб-квартира подразделения и главный производственный центр расположены в г. Кельн, Германия.